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The excessive body fat can increase the risk of health problems. At Healing Touch Academy, our provider offers a variety of therapeutic services: Hijama cupping therapy, honey massage. Ultrasonic Cavitation and a diet plan. These services are available to clients throughout our office in San Ramon, California. A group visits can be offered to the surrounding area contact us for more details.

Weight Loss and Body Sculpting Q & A

Why obesity happens?

According to the TCM, obesity happens due to blockage in body meridians. That is why you find people who eat a lot and do not gain weight. While others If they were to smell food, bounds start to build up. Many factors may contribute to obesity, like being inactive, overeating, genetics, medications, or diseases such as hypothyroidism, insulin resistance, polycystic ovary syndrome, and Cushing’s syndrome.

How does Healing Touch Academy successfully deal with weight loss and body sculpting?

The provider at Healing Touch Academy learns as much as possible about the client’s conditions through questions and answers and help the client to choose a suitable therapy to reach the loose fat tighten the skin and sculpt the body. This plan will include some combination of Ultrasound Cavitation, Vacuum Therapy, Laser Lipo, Hijama cupping therapy, massage cupping therapy, body detox wraps and wood therapy sessions. The goal of plan is not only to shrink and reshape areas of stubborn body fat but also to provide a healthy lifestyle and help maintain it.

What are the different methods used for weight loss and body sculpting?

At Healing Touch Academy, we use one or more of the following:

  1. Unblocking energy meridians with Honey massage and sliding cups

  2. Hijama

  3. Ultrasounds Cavitation

  4. Body detox wrap

  5. Wood therapy

  6. Macrobiotic Diet

What is ultrasound Cavitation?

Ultrasounds Cavitation is a non-invasive fat reduction treatment that is FDA approved, aiming to target specific body area with a stubborn fat. The layers of fat cells under the skin get heated and vibrated causing the fat cells to liquefy releasing the fatty cells into the blood stream. Where the body lymphatic system takes over and remove those cells via sweats and urination. The ultrasound cavitation is a pain free treatment but may cause some buzzing sounds in the ear.


What is the duration of ultrasound cavitation process?

The single session takes between 30-60 minutes. The client sees immediate improvement with the first session. The results will continue to improve in the week of the following treatment. With the optimal results after 6-10 treatments.

What is radio frequency skin tightening?

Radio frequency skin tightening is a non-surgical technique is used to stimulate the subdermal collagen production which reduce sagging and tighten the skin.

What is wood therapy?

The wood therapy is a technique used to stimulate the lymphatic system, eliminates toxins, speed up the metabolism, burns fat and reduces cellulite. A single session of wood therapy takes about 5- 10 minutes and

What is Lipo Laser?

Lipo Laser is a treatment where it breaks down the fatty acids stored in the fat cells, then fatty cells filtered outside the body by the lymphatic system. Lipo Laser tightens the skin and removes fat.

Who is a good candidate for weight loss and body sculpting?

Most clients who are dieting and exercising and looking to aid weight loss or suffer from stubborn body fat that can not disappear by diet or exercise.

What do I need to wear during the session?

Loose clothes are recommended.

How soon will clients gain relief from pain?

Clients may notice some reduction after first couple of sessions. However, the results may vary depending on the age, genetics, metabolism, tissue structure, medication, hormones, diet and exercise.

Are Healing Touch Academy’s methods for body sculpting and weight loss safe?

Our provider uses a range of safe simple procedures that is to address clients’ weight loss and body fat. These therapies are generally safe. Call or schedule an appointment online at Healing Touch Academy.

Weight Loss and Body Sculpting