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Healing Touch Academy
Healing Touch Academy
Healing Touch Academy

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What we offer


Healing Touch Academy

Healing Touch Academy provides educational and counseling health services that allow everyone to experience and examine their knowledge and learning the macrobiotic principles bringing it into daily life. Some of the services available from include:

  • Cupping therapy (Hijama) session

  • Hijama (Cupping) Therapy Counselor Training Information

  • Health 101 Consultation

  • Play with Your Food

  • Organize your Kitchen


Alhamdulillah since I had Hijama session done on me I’ve felt more energy, less stress and my body ache gone. I’ve even lost weight because it decreased my appetite

Zargonas Naemi



I had back problems with 2 major surgeries and countless small procedures. I got sunk into depression then I had diabetes. I contacted the academy as an option with no intend to seeing any results. I was provided with a diet that was broken down into little steps that I can manage. Exercise was only walking. Being in narcotics for such a long time is not easy to quit. I was able to be free in a period of two years. Now I feel good.

Samir Farhan

Business strategist


I came with many health problems. I was sick for so long. My doctor told me that medication is the only way and you have to continue using it as long as you have to. I started my diet plan and followed some directions that were assigned for me. Within 3 days I saw relief. The pain was completely gone within 10 days and medication started to get into the minimum. I am free of medication now after 6 months. Something I thought it would never happen. Thank you very much for the big help and support I got 😍👏




Can’t express my gratitude to all the help and thoughtfulness I received dealing with Wafaa Akl. Kind regards to all your hard work that is beyond my expectations. I love the self base study courses and the catering is amazing. I learned tons of information and facts that helped me to support and educate others. I see a lot of people that i use to go for health advise started coming to me for help and ask me for recipes . My family got tired of our food routine but i got inspired by the delicious simple recipes i learned. I used to copy the way she introduces food and the menu plan with her family. My Family now is really happy and hardly asking me to dine outside.

Asma Shukry

International economist


Looking back, I suppose I could have worked all along, except when the depression was outrageous, and that was just a few months out of the entire time. using Macrobiotic diet plan and following home remedies as recommended change my life. It is like discovering the seed of life that started sprouting deep inside me. With the professional help and the easy diet plan to follow, I am able to focus and feel the happy me again. I would recommend the Academy classes and online courses. I learned a lot. Thank you. 😊

Eman Akily

Systems analyst

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