Leech Therapy

Leech Therapy is ideal for clients who are dealing with cardiovascular diseases. The providers serving at San Ramon Wellness offer Leech therapy to clients in San Ramon, California, and nearby cities.

Leech Therapy
Q & A

What is leech therapy?

The leeches do not fix these ailments directly, they remove toxins, improve blood flow and pump healthy enzymes into the organs. It is in the leeches saliva that has been known to cure or prevent diseases.

Q1 - What happens during leech therapy session?

During the leech therapy a session, live leeches attach themselves to the specific location and draw blood. They release the proteins and peptides that thin blood and prevent clotting. This improves circulation and prevents tissue death. The leeches leave behind small, Y-shaped wounds that usually heal without leaving a scar.

Q2 - Who can benefit from leech therapy?

Leeches are effective at increasing blood circulation and breaking up blood clots. It should be no surprise that they can be used to treat circulatory disorders and cardiovascular disease. Chemicals derived from leech saliva have been made into pharmaceutical drugs that can treat hypertension.

Q3 - Is leech therapy safe?

Leech therapy is both easy and has a lower risk of side effects than other therapies. Our qualified provider at San Ramon Wellness is trained to perform the session in a regulated environment to avoid a risk of bacterial infection

Leech Therapy is safe for most clients, but there are some exceptions. For example, it may not be safe for clients who have blood clotting issues. Our staff will let each client know whether leech therapy is appropriate and safe.

Q4 - What are the advantages of leech therapy?

Because leech therapy is non-invasive, it’s safer for clients than many modern-day treatments. leech therapy offers several advantages for clients, including:

  • Loosening of adhesions
  • Relaxing tense muscles and connective tissue
  • Less inflammation
  • Improved flow of fluids and energy
  • Treat cardiovascular diseases
  • Greatly beneficial to women who are suffering from Endometriosis.
  • Can help with glaucoma if this procedure is done in regular and frequent intervals and in conjunction with medicines that Ophthalmologists
  • Can help Sudden Hearing Loss, Tinnitus and Otitis Media.
  • Can help with Gum diseases
  • Pain relief
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