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At Healing Touch Academy We believe the body is a medical. It can heal itself by itself when you provide it with the right nutrition and get rid of unhealthy eating habits. Book your consultation today and discover the 7 healthy habits that can enhance your health and or help you regain health back.

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Health consultation
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How health consultation session goes?

you will be provided in advance prior to the session by a detailed questionnaire form to fill out about the your health and your expectation from the session. It takes about 40-60 minutes to fill out. Then you will meet with our health consultant to review the form and provide you with an overview of how to address the issues specified. With in the following 2-3 days you will receive the health recommendations along with a Customes plan tailored to your needs with some home remedies and some stretches or light exercise.

Q1 – My sister and I suffers from same issue, can we both have the same plan?

Our body is unique and it’s needs are different from one person to another. A lot of factors need to be in consideration some of these factors are the age ,the type of work , the duration of sickness, medication used for treatment and the life dynamics. Therefore, one plan does not fit all.

Q2 – Can the session be done in person or could it take place remotely?

Yes, it can be done either way. In case of remote session it has to happened via video call or any video platform.

Q3 – Will the plan include boring food or strict diet?

At Healing Touch Academy, we believe that the main reason we all want to be healthy is to gain free will. You will be asked to provide a week diary of your food intake. This will be used to identify what is needed to be adjusted so you can still stay in the safe zone and you don’t feel as you need to starve or left the ethnicity of your eating. This part is highly considered in preparing your health plan.

Q4 – Can the health consultation session be done along with another of your service ?

Absolutely, the health consultant at Healing Touch Academy may recommend other services to be added along with your plan to help achieve the optimal goal.

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