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Macrobiotic Counseling

Macrobiotic Counseling and home remedies are to treat a variety of issues and conditions. San Ramon Wellness’s provider is happy to provide macrobiotic services to clients in San Ramon, California. Clients interested in macrobiotic should contact Healing Touch Academy to make an appointment.

Macrobiotic Counseling Q & A

What is Macrobiotic?

The word “macrobiotic” comes from Greek roots and means “long life”. A Japanese educator named George Oshawa, who believed that simplicity was the key to optimal health, developed the macrobiotic diet and philosophy. A macrobiotic approach to wellness focuses on bringing balance to a person’s physical and emotional condition by utilizing foods that are balanced. Macrobiotic practitioners derive all their recommendations from natural sources, including whole grains, and variety of vegetable and lugeme.

Q1 - What are the benefits of Macrobiotic?

Macrobiotics offers several benefits over modern medicine. The fundamental of macrobiotics considers any disease is the constellation of symptoms produced by the body when a person lives an imbalanced, and unhealthy way of life. Any disease almost always takes a long time to develop, usually in conjunction with improper nutritional intake and poor bodily elimination. If these are changed to proper, dynamically balanced eating habits, and clearing of the poor eliminative functions of the body, then the body can begin to heal itself. So the core of living using macrobiotic it to have free well and live disease free.

Q2 - Does one plan fit all?

A person’s dietary habits based on macrobiotic principles will vary according to their physical condition, the time of the year, in what kind of occupation they are engaged, their level of physical activity, where they live etc

Q3 - What ailments respond to macrobiotic?

Macrobiotic alleviate a variety of health problems, including chronic pain, inflammation, joint stiffness, and limited mobility. Macrobiotic also helps treat mental health issues, including stress and depression. They are also prescriptible for chronic conditions like arthritis or infertility, and cancer

Q4 - Is macrobiotic safe?

Although macrobiotics are safer than most pharmaceutical medicines. The first phase can be done by yourself. Afterward the second two phases will need to be done under the supervision of experienced providers

Clients should report all pre-existing conditions before beginning a natural regimen.

Q5 - I am already healthy. Will a macrobiotic diet benefit me?

Absolutely! The best time to switch to a macrobiotic life style is when you are relatively healthy. You will experience significant and beneficial results. Most people undergo dramatic weight loss if they are overweight, increase in vitality, disappearance of everyday aches and pains, and develops a feeling of calm and emotional stability. In addition, people find improvements in their mental functions, hearing, eyesight, and in women, the female cycle undergoes dramatic improvement.

Q6 - Is macrobiotic diet expensive?

 Not at all, it is a very economical way of eating and staying healthy. Generally, you can expect to reduce your food bills from 35% to 50% by switching from a conventional diet to a macrobiotic diet. Moreover, if you include the savings in medical costs because of enhanced health and well-being resulting from adopting a macrobiotic diet, the savings are multiplied many times over

Q7 - How quickly will I see results?

As soon as you begin to properly nurture your body it responds with a more positive state of health. Your overall health is greatly determined by the quality of your blood, which, in turn, is largely determined by the quality of the food you eat. The food is converted into blood-blood which is the “organ” of nourishment and regulation of the functions of the organs and tissues of the body.

As the quality of your blood improves, health improves. It normally takes ten days for the plasma to recycle, so improvements begin to be noticeable after ten days. It takes 30 days for the white blood cells to renew, so immune function begins to improve after a month. It takes 120 days for the red blood cells to be renewed, so it is only then that true healing can begin.

Q8 - I want to lose weight. Will macrobiotic diet help?

Generally, weight loss is the normal response for those people who are overweight after starting their macrobiotic practice. People with severe weight problems will, of course, take longer to lose all their excess weight.

Q9 - I am already thin enough. Will I also lose weight?

Since macrobiotic approach eating is based on a principle of balance, many times people who are underweight will gain weight on a similar diet to a person who is overweight loses weight. However, any person adopting a grain-based diet will have difficulty, in the initial stages, digesting the grains and vegetables properly. Thus, most people lose whatever weight they need to lose, up to about five pounds under what their weight will stabilize to, on a grain and vegetable diet. It is accurate to say that most people eating a macrobiotic diet are thin compared to the cultural (high fat and refined foods) norm. However, whatever weight loss occurs is usually optimal, and not indicative of disease.

Q10 - What is the philosophy of yin and yang that macrobiotic based on?

Nature’s principle is constant change. The relationships between these ever-changing energies of the universe, the yin (expanding energy) and yang (contracting energy), are forces, which influence our lives. Macrobiotics brings awareness to these universal forces and helps us to understand and use them to achieve what we all want: health, peace, happiness, and a long life full of prosperity and vitality.

Macrobiotics yin yang approach to natural food is based on traditional formulation with the principle of balance, using foods that work in support of one another and to realign natural energies and promote health and wellbeing. These macrobiotic yin/yang guidelines can assist us in balancing our natural cycles with seasonal foods that are inherent in nutrients like Phyto-estrogen, calcium, vitamins, minerals, complex carbohydrates, and proteins.

Q11 -Why what we eat is important?

Scientists agree that refined food is a factor in most of the major diseases in western society.

  • The National Cancer Institute estimates that our western diet is responsible for 35% or more of all cancer in the U.S.  Only tobacco, responsible for about 30% of cancers, approaches the impact of diet.
  • The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine estimates that 65-90% of all premature deaths in the United States are related to improper food and tobacco use.
  • Studies have shown that the right diet not only can prevent heart disease, but is also an effective means of treating it

Q12 -How does San Ramon Wellness use Macrobiotic?

Our provider usually recommends macrobiotic as a complementary plan, typically in conjunction with cupping therapy, bee venom therapy, leech therapy, and acupressure therapy. If you would like to experience the benefits of macrobiotic, call or schedule an appointment online at San Ramon Wellness. The practice is currently welcoming new clients. The staff at San Ramon Wellness look forward to meeting you.

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