About Us


Our Story

In 2005, I founded my career where now I provide educational counseling and health services, including understanding macrobiotic principles and mastering macrobiotic cooking. I also provide a very special cupping therapy and training course that I am really proud to represent to future holistic practitioners.
My vision for Healing Touch Academy is to be the Qibla ( compass) for anyone who is seeking health or guidance, looking to hold the grip of his/her own life or make a change in the community he/she is living in.

Our Passion

Our passion as an alternative provider is to help others be healthy, to avoid illness and disease and set them to free will.
Understanding how disease starts and dig into the root cause of illness is my specialty and offering the right therapy that matches their needs.
Here in Health Touch Academy, I am fully committed to help , inspire, motivate and show guidance to those who are ready to make a change in their lives or people around them. I always ask God to send people on my path that I can help and keep those away that I won’t be a good use to them.



Our Value

The Academy thrives to provide necessary trading for both clients as well as people who are passionate enough to adapt our philosophies and use it as a career.
In the academy we got inspired by our trusted services which subsequently inspires others to be an educator or to invest what they learned from us into a career. Therefore we start providing courses and training that serve therapists achieve their goals and start their dream career.

Our Mission

So Many Academic Goals That We Expect You To Achieve.


a safe alternative method to detox your body. Cupping helps support your overall health help to get more relaxed yet energized balanced body.


Transform your lifestyle to experience more energy, better digestion, deeper sleep and a more balanced mood .Book your own private consultation today.


Use the Japanese alternative method energy to get emotional and physical relaxation.


We send down (stage by stage) in the Qur’an that which is a healing and a mercy to those who believe.


Statistics show that 1 of 3 people will develop a form of cancer during their lifetime. Oncology reiki may help with Clearing the colon, Calm Nausea Clear the lungs, Clear the liver, Immune Boost, Nervous system healing, Lymph drainage.

We Provide

The Academy Courses Provide You With The Necessary Training For You To Use Your Knowledge And Training To Inspire, To Educate, To Empower Others Rather Than Practicing On Them, Making Health Decisions For Them. The Academy Also Shows You That There Are Always Many Different Ways To Approach Health. Not One Plan Fits All And The Beauty Of Finding The Right Therapy That Fits Your Health And Lifestyle The Most.

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