The Theory of Al Fasd Bloodletting Therapy Online Training Diploma

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Al Fasd Bloodletting Course Outline

expand professional knowledge on:

1- Practice and theories of traditional Bloodletting medicine.

2- Health-promoting properties of Al Fasd bloodletting

3- Algorithm for Al Fasd Bloodletting therapy.

4- Al Fasd Bloodletting Therapy management of common disease and medical conditions.

5- Traditional and contemporary Al Fasd Bloodletting modalities.

6- Current researches.

7-Al Fasd Bloodletting economics.

With unique learning tools:


  • Clinical runs
  • Tools of Al Fasd bloodletting tour
  • Multimedia homes-study program
  • Demonstrations and locations of major blood vesseles
  • Modular Al Fasd bloodletting system in different schools
  • Procedure demonstration
  • Commonly asked questions

Online instruction to minimize time away from practice learning on the go save precious professional time while learning with your mobile device


Importance of Al Fasd Therapy

Parallel to the phenomenal growth of the contemporary and alternative medicine movement Al Fasd Bloodletting Therapy has found its way into most kinds of health formulae in modern days. Many of which are derived from ancient Arab school of medicine specially Egypt. More importantly, patients who had have multiple treatments do not always share this information with their healthcare providers who may at the same time find their formal medical education in this area to be lacking. The therapeutic efficacy of Al Fasd procedure is of prime concern to many physicians. Although piecemeal information may be available from books news media small group researches and journal publications there has been no formal education form to convey such vital information to medical profession. Let alone and effective education program to enable healthcare professionals to acquire knowledge necessary to properly incorporate Al Fasd Therapy Into their practice or to pursue research in this field. This course is specifically created to fill that void. Currently this course is in its fifth year and it’s only course of its kind.

Comprehensive coverage: The combination of a multimedia home study program and visual workshops clinical runs supported by overview analysis of resources allows the participants to obtain up to 10 hours of intensive training in a span of about one month encompassing key areas essential in acquiring a sound knowledge base of Al Fasd therapy.

Virtual applications: During the online training sessions, many practical skills and knowledge will be taught. Preparation of the place work, diagrams for vessels used in the therapy are demonstrated. Tools of Antient and modern days. Clinical runs, vision of modern practice and the therapeutic approach to common medical problems will be covered.

Integration of theory and practice: The basic science of modern Al Fasd bloodletting theory will be introduced. Important topics in modern scientific research and evidence based practice will also be presented

Unique features: This educational program is unique in many ways. The ventured signs of healings are approached with modern theoretical framework and tools. Special teaching tools are employed to facilitate learning. Much of the information contained in this course is not available from other sources.

Educational objectives:

At the end of this activity, participants will be able to:

  • Gain awareness of the current basic scientific research on some of the important aspect of practicing Al Fasd
  • Obtained information on commonly disease treated by Al Fasd
  • Acquire knowledge of blood vessels that bled in Al Fasd and their general usages.
  • Review the The theories and the mechanisms of Al Fasd on which the treatment is based.
  • Recognize the practical aspects of Al Fasd Theory in modern clinical setting.

The comprehensive curriculum of Al Fasd Therapy Course diploma Encompasses the essentials of this treatment to promote fundamental understanding of how blood donation may be Used to benefit patients in a modern clinical practice

This course is taught in one stage required for all participants

During this course, fundamental knowledge about Al Fasd Therapy and the theoretical framework will be taught in order to optimize the educational experience of the participants.

This segment will cover much more than cursory knowledge of phlebotomy and blood donation and include the following topics:

1- Theoretical foundation: important concepts of Al Fasd and how it is based and stayed until contemporary days.

2- The mechanisms of Al Fasd: how that affect the human body.

3- Treatment strategies measure: therapeutic methods such as the quantities versus drops, balancing body pressures and fluids through over the body.

4- Classifications of all veins and arteries that bled and how to appear each vein and bled.

5- Algorithms and And choosing good candidate for the treatment: how to select individuals according to their physical health type of disease and the right amount of blood removed from Specific body vein or artery and combine all of those aspect effectively achieve a specific therapeutic goal and to reduce the potential side effects and enhance overall efficiency.

6- Traditional and modern tools: used in Al Fasd Therapy and a recap on how effective to use those tools back then and in the modern days.

7- Cautions and contraindications: of Bloodletting what Arab scholars said and what the modern scholars added to ensure safety and efficacy.

8- The unique standard of Al Fasd Therapy: how it falls under the umbrella Of of bloodletting the difference between Hijama therapy leech, and Al Fasd, phlebotomy and blood donation.

Measure clinical applications of Al Fasd Therapy

The following topics will be presented towards the end of the course

Cardiovascular disease: like high blood pressure and effective methods to overcome this condition, different strategies in utilizing different veins to achieve balance. Stroke and pain relief.

Women’s health: diverse methods in testing acute as well as chronic gynecological problems such as dysmenorrhea and pre-menstrual tension

Pain management: the roles of using different veins bleeding And treating Pain and treating acute pain like musculoskeletal conditions and chronic pain complex regional pain arthritis, headache, migraine, and sciatica

Mitigating The side effects of certain disease: like sickle cell anemia and strokes.


Enjoy Learning!

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