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Basic self healing principles: - Healing Academy

Basic self healing principles:



1. All foods are preferably cultivated organically or bio-dynamically
2. Foods are cultivated locally and eaten in season.
3. Foods are prepared in their whole form; for example, we start with the whole carrot, wash it, cut it appropriately and then cook it.
4. Consume meals consisting of a variety of color
5. Vary meals using different grains, vegetables, beans and condiments.
6. Avoid using aluminum cookware, coated cookware and microwave ovens.
Eliminate, by and large to begin with, consuming refined, frozen, packaged and canned foods, animal protein in any form including all dairy foods, refined sugar, all drugs and foods with any additives.
7. Chew…Chew…Chew….. Chew your food very well.

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