Comprehensive Hijama Cupping Therapy Training Diploma

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The Course falls into 3 phases:

Phase 1: Essentials of Hijama Cupping Therapy

• Basics of Hijama Cupping Therapy: Anatomy and physiology of human body of Hijama
Cupping Therapy points, the basics of running practice, and helpful information for the
• Hijama Cupping Therapy Theories: knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
and Middle East techniques merged in a modern scientific way, the very foundation of
the successful practice of Hijama Cupping Therapy encompasses many seemingly abstruse
concepts such as yin and yang, Qi, meridians, convergence points, Principal points,
anatomical points, different theories of Hijama Cupping Therapy,etc. These concepts will
be presented in easy-to-understand modern scientific terms.
• Hijama Diagnostics: Instruction on diagnostic methodology in accordance modern
science to enhance successful therapeutic outcomes, such as tongue diagnosis, facial
diagnosis, diagnosis by hand touch and clients observation.
• Demonstration of Hijama Techniques on Actual Clients

Phase 2: Practical Hands-On Training

• Hijama Cupping Therapy Techniques: A wide range of conditions may vary in their
responses to different Hijama modalities, hence a range of important techniques: fixed
cupping, sliding cupping, Hijama cupping, flash cupping, hydro- cupping and many more
will be taught and demonstrated in face-to-face training sessions. Participants will also
have the opportunity to practice various modalities under the supervision of faculty
• Therapeutic Approach: Instruction in both the formula approach, based on observation,
analytical approach, based on theoretical reasoning, and their application to a spectrum
of common conditions will enable the therapists to more effectively apply their knowledge
to improve client’s care.
• Practical Experience: Face-to-face clinical instruction sessions, with ample opportunities
for hands-on training in Hijama Cupping Points locating techniques for body, and tongue
diagnosis, among other training and many other exercises.

Phase 3: Enhancement of Clinical Experience

• Additional Hijama Cupping Therapy Modalities: Instructions in Commandos points, 12
different incision techniques, and specific point locations. (925)899-8436
• Clinical Cases Presentation: In-depth discussion on actual cases to illustrate the
principles of diagnosis and right common protocols for conditions that share the same
• Contemporary Explanation of Metaphysical conditions: lectures simplified on
common symptoms of different conditions that is rooted in metaphysical aspects like
Magic, Jinn possession, and evil eye and how can be appropriately approached with
Hijama Cupping Therapy.


This course will cover the practical aspects in the
management of physical, emotional, mental and
metaphysical conditions

• Pain Management: Migraine headaches, low- back pain, Sciatica, arthritis, carpal tunnel
syndrome, shoulder pain, etc.
• Medical Conditions: GERD, irritable bowel syndrome, fever, asthma, hypertension,
chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia many more.
• Women’s Health: PMS, menstrual irregularity, yeast infection, Fertility, menopausal
syndrome, post-parturition depression, and other conditions.
• Geriatrics: Sexual dysfunction, urinary and bowl dysfunction, urinary infection,
• Endocrines: Diabetes, Thyroid dysfunction, obesity, etc.
• Psychiatry: insomnia, depression, panic disorder, quit smoking, anxiety disorder
• Metaphysics: magic, evil eye, jinn possession, general blockage

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