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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Approach to High Blood Pressure: Workshop Outline

1. Introduction to TCM and High Blood Pressure

   A. Brief Overview of Traditional Chinese Medicine

   B. Understanding High Blood Pressure in TCM Terms

   C. Holistic Perspective on Health and Wellness

2. Fundamentals of TCM Diagnosis for Hypertension

   A. Discussion on Yin-Yang Balance

   B. Examination of Qi and Blood Flow

   C. Exploration of Organ Systems Involved (Heart, Kidneys, Liver)

   D. Pulse and Tongue Diagnosis in TCM

3. Etiology of High Blood Pressure in TCM

   A. Dietary Factors According to TCM Principles

      – Excess Consumption of Yin or Yang Foods

      – Role of Salty Foods

   B. Emotional and Lifestyle Factors

      – Stress and Its Impact

      – Sedentary Lifestyle and Lack of Exercise

4. TCM Treatment Modalities for High Blood Pressure

   A. Acupuncture

      1. Specific Acupuncture Points for Hypertension

      2. Balancing Qi Flow

   B. Herbal Medicine

      1. Chinese Herbs for Blood Pressure Regulation

      2. Herbal Formulas and Their Functions

   C. Dietary Recommendations

      1. Foods to Include and Avoid

      2. TCM Dietary Principles for Hypertension

   D. Lifestyle Modifications

      1. Exercise and Qi Gong Practices

      2. Stress Management Techniques

5. Case Studies and Practical Application

   A. Presentation of TCM Case Studies on Hypertension

   B. Group Discussion on Individual Cases

   C. Q&A Session for Participants

6. Integrating TCM with Conventional Approaches

   A. Collaboration with Western Medicine

      1. Importance of Medical Monitoring

      2. Communicating with Healthcare Providers

   B. Combining TCM Modalities with Medications

      1. Potential Benefits and Considerations

      2. Individualized Treatment Plans

7. Empowering Self-Care with TCM Wisdom

   A. TCM Self-Care Practices

      1. Daily Routines for Balancing Qi

      2. Mindfulness and Stress Reduction Techniques

   B. Importance of Regular Follow-Ups and Monitoring

   C. Encouraging a Holistic Lifestyle Approach

8. Resources for Further Learning

   A. Recommended Books on TCM and Hypertension

   B. Online Platforms and Courses

   C. Local TCM Practitioners and Clinics

9. Conclusion

   A. Recap of Key TCM Principles for High Blood Pressure

   B. Encouragement for Holistic Well-being

   C. Closing Remarks and Acknowledgment

Note: This workshop outline serves as a general guide, and the content can be adjusted based on the specific needs and preferences of the audience. Additionally, including interactive elements such as demonstrations, hands-on activities, or participant sharing can enhance the overall learning experience.

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