Acupressure Basics and Beyond Diploma

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Course Outline:

I. Introduction to Acupressure
A. Welcome and Course Overview
B. Historical Overview of Acupressure
C. Principles and Philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

II. Fundamentals of Energy Pathways
A. Understanding Meridians and Acupoints
B. Exploring Qi (Life Energy) and its Role in Acupressure
C. Meridian System in Traditional Chinese Medicine

III. Basic Techniques in Acupressure
A. Proper Body Mechanics and Posture for Acupressure
B. Application of Pressure: Techniques and Variations
C. Introduction to Acupressure Tools and Accessories

IV. Key Acupressure Points and Their Functions

A. Overview of Common Acupressure Points
B. Understanding the Corresponding Organs and Systems
C. Practical Identification and Location Exercises

V. Acupressure for Common Ailments
A. Headaches and Migraines
B. Stress and Anxiety
C. Insomnia and Sleep Disorders
D. Digestive Issues

VI. Advanced Acupressure Techniques
A. Trigger Point Therapy
B. Meridian Tracing and Balancing
C. Incorporating Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

VII. Acupressure for Special Populations
A. Pregnancy and Postpartum Acupressure
B. Acupressure for Children and Pediatric Health
C. Geriatric Acupressure and Wellness

VIII. Integrating Acupressure with Other Modalities
A. Combining Acupressure with Massage Therapy
B. Acupressure and Reflexology Integration
C. Collaborating with Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners

IX. Ethics and Professionalism in Acupressure Practice
A. Client Communication and Informed Consent
B. Maintaining Boundaries and Professional Conduct
C. Cultural Sensitivity and RespectA. Hands-On Acupressure Practice
B. Case Studies and Real-World Application
C. Group Exercises and Peer Feedback

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