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Organic Propolis Oil Natural Oral & Heart Health Support NON GMO 118ml


Propolis Oil Vital mind and energy

Supports immune health
Provides antioxidant support
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Nourish with Nature

Supercharged Superfood:
Experience the full spectrum of benefits, enzymatic, powerhouse of propolis.

Enhanced Immune Support: Propolis is your immune system’s ally, packed with properties that boost your body’s natural defenses.

Increased Energy Levels: Energize naturally with propolis, known for its revitalizing effects that help sustain your energy throughout the day.

Cognitive Boost: Improve mental clarity and cognitive function thanks to the enriching power of propolis.

Pure, Natural Wellness: Harness the clean, medicinal benefits directly from the hive with our propolis-infused superfood honey.

Sustainably Sourced, Ethically Made, Affordably Priced
Our commitment is to never use synthetic materials, focusing instead on eco-friendly practices that are kind to both the planet and your wallet.

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