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Cupping therapy and stress relief - Healing Academy

Cupping therapy and stress relief


Cupping therapy and stress relief.

Mental stress comes in different stages in life. Stress is one of the major issues in our modern busy life and it is getting bigger day by day. It is considered as the biggest health risk worldwide. Stess comes along with emotional, physical and chemical stressors. As reported by many of my clients, stress comes as a result of a family disputes, looking for stability at work, income issues, or trying to fit into social crowds,  leaving many people from mental sickness. The primary causes of stress in modern life appear from many commitments we have to deal with everyday.

Understanding the system of mental stress

Mental stress is happening as natural respond of the nervous system when the person get threatened or has fears,  the blood to flood to the brain to and respond fast to the body needs, special hormones called adrenaline and cortisol secreted thus increasing the heartbeat, slowing down digestion and increasing the flow of blood into the muscles, leading to many problems including mental symptoms. When stress reaches above comfort levels the fat storing hormone called cortisol is released. Cortisol comes from adrenal glands. if you let this extra stress get to you for prolonged periods of time, called chronic stress, your health becomes at risk. According to the traditional Chinese medicine, the state of the internal organs reflects in our emotions. Every internal organ is associated with a unique positive mental energy. If the organs get affected, the emotion related and supported by this organ got affected creating imbalance.

What will happen when we got stressed?

Long periods of stress will cause weight gain and a host of other health problems, like pain, hormonal issues, sleeplessness, muscle tension, nervousness, metabolic issues,  palpitations, forgetfulness, emotional disturbance, and many other problems.

When we need to change our current feelings to be happy, we eat. This changes our physiological state, which means it takes us from feeling stress to feeling ha[ppy. This is why many people develop bad habits. They are trying to change from one state of feelings to become happy and feel good now. You can try to get relief. But bear in mind, different things or strategies work for different people. So, you should try only those things that you feel comfortable with or work towards your specific needs. To manage stress, you need to make sure that your body and mind do not overtake more than they can withstand.

Studies have shown that exercise can lessen stress. Exercise can decreases our stress and the way we deal with it. You should take out time to relax, and avoid overworking at odd hours. And one of the best things you can do is accept things that you cannot change. It is not so easy to do this but if you are successful, you will focus on your time and energy more effectively.

Hijama cupping and relief stress

Many are turning to Hijama for treating stress. Hijama is a natural alternative treatment which has been found effective in the treating stress. Hijama therapy does not only give your mind some peace and relax the muscles but also breaks the series of imbalance. It allows a client to naturally fall asleep, feel peaceful and be pain-free even after months of treatments.

Hijama points for stress energize and help the channels flowing smoothly again. Hijama works to ease stress by releasing neurotransmitters and natural pain-killing endorphins and encephalon from the brain. Along with that, this therapy will improve the blood circulation, which oxygenates the tissues and cycles out waste chemicals. By using Hijama for stress, your complete body and mind become stable and robust. You will be in a better position to handle difficult things that show up in life.

For more information

You can visit us to know how our treatment can help you relieve stress. You can call us on 9925)899-8436 or you can visit our website www.whatzahealth.com  book your appointment online. We have extensive years of experience and will guide you on your journey of healing.

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