Kitchen Utensils


Pressure Cooker
A pressure cooker is an essential item in macrobiotic cooking, especially in preparing rice and other grains. Stainless steel is recommended.

pressure cooker

Cooking Pots
Stainless steel and cast iron are recommended, although Pyrex, stoneware, or unshipped enamelware may also be used. Aluminum or Teflon-coated pots are not recommended.

Metal Flame Deflectors
These are especially helpful when cooking rice and other grains, as they help distribute heat more evenly and prevent burning. Do not use asbestos pads.
Suribachi (Grinding Bowl)
A suribachi is a ceramic bowl with grooves set into its surface. It is used with a wooden pestle called a surikogi and is needed in preparing condiments, pureed foods, salad dressings, and other items. A 6-inch size is generally fine for regular use.

Flat Grater
A small enamel or steel hand style that will grate finely is especially recommended.
Pickle Press (or heavy crock with a plate and weight)
It is recommended that several of these be available for regular use in the preparation of pickles and pressed salads.


Steamer Basket
The small, stainless steel steamers are generally suitable. Bamboo steamers are also fine for regular use.

Wire Mesh Strainer
A large strainer is useful for washing grains, beans, seaweeds, and some vegetables, and for draining noodles. A small, fine-mesh strainer is good for washing smaller items, such as millet or sesame seeds.

Vegetable Knife
A sharp, high-quality knife allows for more even, attractive, and quick cutting of vegetables. Stainless steel and carbon steel varieties are recommended.


Cutting Board
It is important to cut vegetables on a clean, flat surface. Wooden cutting boards are ideal for this purpose. It is recommended that this board not be used for the preparation of dishes containing animal foods and should be wiped clean after each use.cutting

Sharpening Stone
A sharpening stone, when used regularly, will maintain the cutting edge of
your vegetable knives.
Foley Hand Food Mill
This utensil is useful for pureeing, especially when preparing baby food or dishes requiring a creamy texture.


Glass Jars
Large glass jars are useful for storing grains, seeds, nuts, beans, or dried foods. Wood or ceramic containers, which allow air to circulate, are better but may be difficult to locate.

Tamari Soy Sauce Dispenser
This is very helpful in controlling the quantity of tamari soy sauce used in cooking.


Tea Strainer
Small, inexpensive bamboo strainers are ideal, but small mesh strainers may also be used.



Vegetable Brush
A natural-bristle vegetable brush, available at most natural food stores, is recommended for cleaning vegetables.


Wooden Utensils
Wooden utensils (spoons, rice paddles, cooking chopsticks) are suggested, as they will not scratch pots and pans nor leave a metallic taste in your food.


Bamboo Mats
These mats are made from natural bamboo and may be used to cover food. They are designed to allow heat to escape and air to enter, so food does not spoil quickly if unrefrigerated.



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