Sample of Typical Marobiotic Menu Plan:

Breakfast :
Not every meal needs to contain every category of the basic macrobiotic diet. For example, the foundation of breakfast is usually whole grain “porridge” plus a steamed or leafy green vegetable, adding from time to time other supplementary macrobiotic breakfast foods as the current health condition permits. Breakfast doesn’t usually include sea vegetables, unless miso soup is being served or beans.
Example of a typical breakfast menu using basic macrobiotic diet formula:
Whole grain porridge: soft brown rice and barley
condiment:  Umeboshi
steamed or boiled leafy greens: boiled collard greens
Example of typical Lunch or Dinner menu using basic macrobiotic diet formula
wholr grain:              brown rice with fresh corn
vegetable:                steamed greens/ sautéed carrots and cauliflower
sea vegetables:       arame and onions
beans:                      adzuki beans with squash
miso soup:               wakame-diakon miso soup with scallions
condiments:             gomasio
pickles:                   Shoyu pickled vegetables
tea:                          kukicha “twig tea”

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