Why and why not?

Why brown rice?
Whole grains on general especially short brown rice have a healing effect, research: whole grains prevent cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. Consider the following:
1. Good and steady supply of glucose
2. Absorbs toxins.
3. Strengthen the intestine, great source of fiber.
4. Plant source protein.
5. Removes cholesterol.
6. Whole grain can feed more people than any other food.
Why sea vegetable?  
1. Extremely rich in minerals and trace minerals.
2. It has been proven effective in removing radiation, and heavy metals from the body.
Why sea salt? 
benefits of sea salt, ranging from improving digestion to imparting “harmonious energy,” are credited to minerals and trace elements that are refined out of table salt. Since the underground salt deposits that produce most table salt are the result of evaporating seawater or salty lakes, you’d think the chemistry would be pretty much the same, and mostly it is. Both rock salt ( i.e., from mines) and sea salt contain, besides sodium chloride, such chemicals as calcium, potassium, and magnesium sulfates. However, when a large body of water evaporates, the chemicals in it precipitate out in stages – calcium compounds get deposited first, then sodium, and finally magnesium and potassium. Because of this, a rock salt deposit is often a more homogenous mass of sodium chloride than what you get by drying out seawater commercially. Since rock salt destined for human consumption is typically processed to remove grit and other impurities, by the time it reaches the shaker table salt is nearly pure sodium chloride.
Why kukicha tea?
1. Rich in minerals.
2. Alkaline forming.
3. Serves as a digestive buffer.
4. Kukicha is made from little branches or twigs of the tea bush. Therefore, its caffeine is extremely low, almost negligible.
Why macrobiotic pickles?
1. Excellent source of enzymes and vitamins
2. Supports healthy bacteria in the intestinal tract, because it is produced by lactic acid fermentation.
3. Assist in digestion of the whole grains.
Why chew well? 
1. Strengthen the immune system.
2. Makes feel full , so you do not over eat.
3. Stimulates the brain.
4. Chewing the whole grains stimulate the sweetness flavor of the grains.
why preferable one kind of fruit a day?
It is advised to eat one kind of fruit per day specially  one hour before eating your assigned animal protein this way you help the body to flow digestive enzymes with balance and harmony .
Why use miso soup?
1. Rich source of enzymes.
2. Alkaline-forming.
3. Source of B12, lecithin, anti-bacterial factor.
Why green leafy vegetable every meal?
Variety of vegetable throughout the week gives support to the whole grains as well as nutrition, flavor, and color.
1. Rich source of vitamin and minerals.
2. Alkaline forming.
3. Grow abundantly in almost all climates.
Why plant protein (beans)?
1. Does not contain saturated fat that found in most animal protein.
Why not using the bakery? 
They enhance the ability to benefit from macrobiotic eating by supporting
the function of internal organs and systems.
Different categories of home remedies with some representative examples in
a. Drinks ( morning tea or “kuzu drink, ume-sho bancha”)
b. Plasters ( tofu plaster, buckwheat plaster, taro plaster)
c. Baths (salt bath, ginger bath, daikon leaves hip bath)]
d. Liniments (ginger-sesame oil rub)
e. Packs (salt pack)
f. Rubs and scrubs (hot towel rub, ginger water hot towel scrub)
The ingredients that are used for home remedies are usually taken from
items regularly used in the kitchen.
Home remedied can have various uses and effects such as the following:
Blood quality improvement
Neutralizing internal acid
Home remedies have been traditionally used to relieve the following
conditions and symptoms
Low appetite
Weak digestion
Low energy
Why not using milk and milk products?
a. Harden arteries
b. Form excess mucus
c. Cloud thinking
d. Congest and impede function of heart, liver , lungs, intestines and sexual organs
Why not potatoes, tomatoes, egg plants, green pepper, and spinach? 
These vegetables are rich of alkaloid acids which is harmful to eat them with some illness cases however you have to check first with macrobiotic consultant to stop them or not.
Why not to use sugar?
White Sugar: strongly not recommended because it weakens the body by:
a. causing over acidity. The body neutralizes acidic-causing sugar by using mineral reserves of calcium and magnesium from the bones;
b. “robbing” the body of B vitamins that are needed for calcium absorption;
c. blocking the absorption of magnesium which is necessary for the ‘fixing’ of calcium in the body;
d. weakening the immune system by neutralizing white blood cells.   In one study it was found a healthy white blood cell can kill 14 bacteria.  But after 6 tsp. of white sugar it could only kill 5 bacteria and after 18 tsp. only 2 bacteria.  With the U.S.A. , Great Britain, and Switzerland averaging 50 kilos of sugar consumed each year, this study might show a link to the high rate of infectious diseases, AIDS, and other immune system related illnesses;
e. weakening the ability of neurons to transmit effectively;
f. stressing the pancreas because of its continuous demands for insulin’
g. contributing to obesity by demanding the secretion of insulin which is considered the ‘fat storage hormone’.
Why to avoid red meat and eggs?
Red meat contains saturated fat. diet rich in fat grows significantly in modern life. scientific evidence links fat with heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.fat can:
a. Slows down blood-flow to the brain
b. Impairs function of liver, intestines, kidneys and lungs.
c. Triggers hormone imbalance that can lead to PMS and reproductive cancers.
d. Increases risk of allergies, diverticulitis, high blood pressure and many other degenerative conditions.
e. Toxify and acidify blood

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